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Jan 2017

There are many regulations to follow depending on local, area, county, state, or federal requirement with regards to ADA compliance. Which varies from accessible routes, the opening width swing of your door, and applied pressure it takes, as well as the resistance when closing. ADA does not entirely dictate what you must do in every

Dec 2016

Security is key when it comes to locking your door. No matter what kind of business you run, your peace of mind should not be taken for granted. Locks cannot help to keep you or your business safe if they are not used properly. AMPM Door Service has been around for 20+ years. We have

Dec 2016

  Is your door functioning properly? A door should last many years. Most people aren’t aware when a door is in trouble until it breaks! There are many components on a door that are reliant upon each other. If one part begins to malfunction it causes stress on the others and damages the parts that

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