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Mortise Locks

Mortise Locks


Function: Deadbolt, Hookbolt, Deadlatch

Backset: 31/32“, 11/8“ – TH1102 available 11/2“
Hand: Non handed, easily reversible
Face Plate: 1”W x 67/8“ L – aluminum
Case Dimensions: 7/8“W x 6”L x Depth specific to backset

Deadbolt – 5/8“W x 2 7/8“ L x 13/8“ throw
Hookbolt – 5/8“W x 13/8“ L x 13/16“ throw
Deadlatch – 1/2“W x 1.0“ L x 1/2“ throw

Deadlatches: Zinc alloy latchbolt with Delrin plastic insert, auxiliarybolt zinc diecast, deadlocks latchbolt and prevents manipulation

Function Lock Backset Case Depth
Deadbolt      31/32“ – 11/8“      1.63” – 1.78”
Hookdbolt    31/32“ – 11/8“      1.63” – 1.78”
Deadlatch     31/32“ – 11/8“      1.63” – 1.76”

TH1101 Deadbolt Mortise Lock

TH1101 Deadbolt Mortise Lock

TH1102 Hook Bolt Mortise Lock

TH1102 Hook Bolt Mortise Lock

TH1103 Dead Latch Mortise Lock

TH1103 Dead Latch Mortise Lock

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